Early Women Psychoanalysts: History, Biography, and Contemporary Relevance

Editor : Klara Naszkowska

Early Women Psychoanalysts: History, Biography, and Contemporary Relevance

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  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : 2024
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 360
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  • Catalogue No : 97586
  • ISBN 13 : 9781032595351
  • ISBN 10 : 1032595353

Table of Contents

Introduction: Progressives, in Their Day and in Ours
Klara Naszkowska

Part One: Beyond Wife, Lover, Muse
1. Sabina Spielrein: Pioneer of Medical Science
Ana Tomčić and John Launer

2. Lou Andreas-Salomé: An Unacknowledged Psychoanalytic Theorist of Art
Shira Dushy-Barr

3. Beata 'Tola' Rank: Out from the Footnote
Lena Magnone

Part Two: Beyond Psychoanalyst: Feminist, Marxist, Director of a Jewish Foster Home

4. Margarethe Hilferding: Women's Rights Activist Ahead of Her Time
Candice Dumas

5. What Do We Know about Tatiana Rosenthal? An Interview with Leon Kadis
Pamela Cooper-White and Leonid Kadis

6. Erzsébet Farkas: An Unknown Heroine and Her Wartime Mission in a Jewish Foster Home
Dóra Szabó

Part Three: Beyond the Homeland
7. Ludwika Karpińska-Woyczyńska: The Forgotten First Female Freudian
Edyta Dembińska and Krzysztof Rutkowski

8. Nic Waal: Speaking in Tongues
Håvard Friis Nilsen

9. Barbara Low: 'The little bit of pioneering' or the Beginnings of British Psychoanalysis
Richard Theisen Simanke

10. Vilma Kovács and the Community of the Budapest School of Psychoanalysis
Anna Borgos

Part Four: Beyond the Holocaust
11. Eugenia Sokolnicka and Sophie Morgenstern: The Intertwining of Life, Work, and Death
Ursula Prameshuber

12. Thinking Cure: Jewish Psychoanalyst Alberta Szalita, from Warsaw to New York
Ewa Kobylińska-Dehe

13. Olga Wermer: From Galician Archives to Memory and Postmemory
Klara Naszkowska

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