Psychoanalysis and Covidian Life: Common Distress, Individual Experience

Editor : Howard B. Levine, Editor : Ana de Staal

Psychoanalysis and Covidian Life: Common Distress, Individual Experience

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  • Publisher : Karnac Books
  • Published : 2021
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 288
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  • Catalogue No : 95313
  • ISBN 13 : 9781912691777
  • ISBN 10 : 9781912691

Table of Contents

About the editors and contributors
Editors’ note
Ana de Staal and Howard Levine

Part I - The background scene/the context
1. Civilization and the discontented
Christopher Bollas (London, England)

2. The coronavirus pandemic and its meanings
Michael Rustin (London, England)

Part II - Living and thinking in pandemic times
3. The shattering of a denial as food for thought
Bernard Chervet (Paris and Lyon, France)

4. Landscapes of mental life under Covid-19
Alberto Rocha Barros and Elias Rocha Barros (São Paulo, Brazil)

5. Catastrophe and its vicissitudes: denial and the vitalising effect of “good air”
Daniel Kupermann (São Paulo, Brazil)

Part III - The setting under pressure
6. Being online: what does it mean for psychoanalysis?
Antonino Ferro (Pavia, Italy)

7. The burnt compartment. Or: Psychoanalysis
without a couch
Ana de Staal (Paris, France)

8. Individual distress, institutional distress
Serge Frisch (Luxembourg and Brussels, Belgium)

Part IV - Reconfigurations and changes in practice
9. Body and soul in remote analysis: anguished countertransference, pandemic panic, and space–time limits
Riccardo Lombardi (Rome, Italy)

10. A short circuit in the analytical process
François Lévy (Paris, France)

11. Beyond the all-traumatic: narrative imagination and new temporalities in the analytic session
Jean-Jacques Tyszler (Paris, France)

Part V - Clinical journals
12. Katabasis, anabasis: working in a post-ICU Covid-19 unit in a public hospital
Steven Jaron (Paris, France)

13. Where does the psychoanalyst live? The online setting in the psychoanalysis of a three-year-old girl on the autistic spectrum
Patricia Cardoso de Mello (São Paulo, Brazil)

14. Where does the Covid live? Osmotic/diffuse anxieties, isolation, and containment in times of the plague
Joshua Durban (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Part VI - Conclusion
15. Covidian life
Howard B. Levine (Cambridge, MA, USA)


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