The Climate Book

Author(s) : Greta Thunberg

The Climate Book

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"With The Climate Book, a stunning and essential new work, Greta Thunberg takes her mission to the next level ... [It is] an incredible and moving resource. There are chapters on almost everything you might need to know about ... the book is a curated, portable library of knowledge, full of classics. Everyone will get something different from reading this book ... Itis an extraordinary body of work and I can't recommend it highly enough. You feel the passion as well as the intellectual heft of the authors, and that is what is so moving about it. It is time for all of us to rise up" - Rowan HooperNew Scientist

"I would hope it is the kind of book everyone feels they should buy, read and act on: if you've tried to recycle a coffee pod, bought an electric car or started using a reusable water bottle, this book knows the combination of fear, hope and duty that made you do it and has a million more suggestions. It should be a bookcase staple, like Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time or Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens" - Caitlin Moran - The Times

"Spectacular ... The scope of this work is planetary in scale. It is a massive undertaking in which Greta Thunberg calls on the best people possible to help her make sense of the rapid trashing of the natural world and the ecosystems life depends on ... Ultimately, this is an unexpectedly uplifting volume, fizzing with the world's best science and analysis, and what we can now do with it" - Harry Cockburn - The Independent

"This book is superb at explaining the urgency and importance of preventing climate change... its writers weave messages with skill and beauty... this is a campaigning book of course, but much more than that" - Gaia Vince - The Guardian

"A compelling read... Thunberg has called upon some of the brightest minds in the fight against global warming" ― The Herald
" - Steven Poole - The Telegraph

"Most of us don't know very much about climate science. More than a rallying call, what we need is a crash course. So [Thunberg] has gathered together an anthology of essays from more than a hundred scientists, journalists and activists-a kind of beginner's guide to global warming ... [It] looks fantastic, with beautifully rendered charts and haunting photographs... My copy is dotted with annotated exclamation marks" - Rhys Blakeley - The Times

"As brave as it is accomplished and succeeds well beyond any reasonable expectation" - John Gibbons - Business Post

"An admirable and monumental effort...[Thunberg] is a truly exceptional figure, fluent way beyond her years in grasping and communicating the complexity and connectedness of these crises" - Irish Times

"The Climate Book makes for sobering but compelling reading - the kind of book that, once you've finished, you cannot forget" - Elle

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