Working with Complexity in PTSD: A Cognitive Therapy Approach

Author(s) : Hannah Murray, Author(s) : Sharif El-Leithy

Working with Complexity in PTSD: A Cognitive Therapy Approach

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Reviews and Endorsements

This book is a fine example of 'clinical flexibility within the framework of empirical fidelity' in the treatment of patients with PTSD and co-occurring disorders. It is filled with a very useful collection of clinical interventions that you can use immediately. A combination of clinical wisdom and scholarship, KUDOS! - Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D., Research Director of the Melissa Institute of Violence Prevention, Miami Florida.

Every therapist working with PTSD encounters complexities not addressed in training programs and treatment manuals. This is that rare book that addresses the broad range of challenging circumstances and complications that can so easily derail trauma treatment. With utter clarity, the authors detail multiple creative clinical strategies for managing nearly every potential stuckpoint likely to be encountered during trauma work. Practical and empirically grounded, this engaging text will empower and enlighten every therapist who reads it. - Christine A. Padesky, Author of The Clinician's Guide to CBT Using Mind Over Mood

"Here is the book you've been waiting for, focusing on what you're most likely to see when you're working with clients with PTSD - complexities ranging from avoidance to multiple traumas to risky behaviours. Hannah Murray and Sharif El-Leithy provide a no-nonsense guide to treating the many complexities linked to PTSD without losing sight of the science behind the treatment. I have no doubt this book will become a well-thumbed volume, equipping therapists to transform the lives of the many people debilitated by trauma and PTSD." - Jennifer Wild, Associate Professor, University of Oxford & Author of Be Extraordinary

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