Queering Psychotherapy

Editor : Jane C. Czyzselska

Queering Psychotherapy

Book Details

  • Publisher : Karnac Books
  • Published : 2022
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 320
  • Category :
    Individual Psychotherapy
  • Catalogue No : 96320
  • ISBN 13 : 9781913494735
  • ISBN 10 : 9781913494

Reviews and Endorsements

'The discipline of psychotherapy is unavoidably implicated in the structure of the society in which it operates. The only way to ensure it doesn’t replicate embedded social inequities and harms is for it regularly subject itself to intense critical examination from a wide diversity of perspectives. Queering Psychotherapy is a shining example of this kind of inquiry and should be a compulsory read for anyone in the field, however they choose to identify.'
Dr. Aaron Balick, Psychotherapist and author

'The space of therapy can feel claustrophobic. If you’re queer or trans and working with a heteronormative therapist, the room itself can feel airless especially when you are trying to establish a workable relationship and understanding about your identity. An airless room fraught with misunderstandings. This book is a reservoir of information, knowledge and professional understandings which seek to widen out that space into a comfortable queer landscape. Invaluable.'
Juno Roche – Writer

'Queering Psychotherapy is a dynamic collection featuring important, intersectional perspectives. It tackles big topics, such as trans desire, lesbian erasure and navigating shame, with nuance and care. Brimming with powerful insights, this book is a vital resource for professionals and fascinating reading material for us all.'
Roxy Bourdillon, editor-in-chief of DIVA magazine

'A stirring and necessary contribution to the field! In this liminal time, when a new generation of clients and students are calling psychotherapists and training institutions to accountability, Queering Psychotherapy can offer a compelling compass for reorienting and reimagining our field. The collaborative format of the book embodies the message vividly, by calling us all in, to critically and heartfully join the creative project of querying and queering the underpinning of our theories and practices.'
Shoshi Asheri, Psychotherapist, educator and creative collaborator at Aashna UK

'This excellent book takes an intersectional approach in the understanding of psychotherapy through a queer lens and is essential reading, therefore for those who are from the LGBTQ+ community or are working within said communities such as myself. That this book has been brave enough to include such a wide range of voices and perspectives, angles, cultures, and races is a testament to just how psychotherapy can come together when it steps outside of the heteronormative, able-bodied, white, middle class constraints within which it has been entangled almost since its inception. This book is essential reading and needs to be studied on courses around the country.'
Dr Dwight Turner Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Workshop Facilitator

'Passionate, thoughtful and opens a much-needed discussion with the mainstream therapeutic community who often do not understand the needs and lives of LGBTQI+ clients.'
Matthew Todd, author of Straight Jacket

'The open dialogues resulting from Czyzselska’s invitation weave through a broad range of intersecting and intersectional contemporary psychotherapeutic topics from the perspectives of clinicians [...] The collection also gives important space to conversations with clinicians who identify as and work with trans, nonbinary, gender expansive, and intersex people.'
Harriet Mossop , University of Essex, UK, Feminism & Psychology, 1–5, 2023

'In 16 rich chapters, the reader is stimulated, challenged and cajoled to consider the lived realities of queer experiences [...] This book tasks us all to think about our positions and privileges and to question the status quo.'
Jeanine Connor, psychodynamic psychotherapist, The Bookshelf

'Queering Psychotherapy invites us to think deeply about intricate subjects in nuanced ways. [...] This book gifts us by showcasing how healing the work of a certified sexological bodyworker can be, how it is easy to unduly pathologise sex workers, intersex people’s lives from their own voice, how to live and work within the queer community, and a phenomenal new take on supervision reframed as ‘supra-vision’. Many of those topics are not written about enough, and certainly not in the depth that this book offers. It is a highly recommended read for psychotherapists at all levels.'
Silva Neves, UKCP-registered and COSRT-accredited psychotherapist, Pink Therapy clinical associate, and author, New Psychotherapist, Winter 2022/23

'An outstanding book [...] Czyzselska presents the lesser-heard voices of black feminists, trans and gender-expansive clients, queer sex workers, intersex individuals, lesbian patients and queer and trans children. [...] This book tasks us all to think about our positions and privileges and to question the status quo.'
Jeanine Connor, psychodynamic psychotherapist, BACP, Therapy Today, 2023

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