In Pursuit of Psychic Change: The Betty Joseph Workshop

Editor : Edith Hargreaves, Editor : Arturo Varchevker

In Pursuit of Psychic Change: The Betty Joseph Workshop

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  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : 2004
  • Cover : Paperback
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  • Catalogue No : 92231
  • ISBN 13 : 9781583918234
  • ISBN 10 : 158391823X

Reviews and Endorsements

A prestigious line up of contributors present clinical material for discussion on a range of topics including:

* Supporting psychic change
* Complacency in analysis and everyday life
* Containment, enactment and communication.

The history of psychoanalysis is one of an on-going struggle to reach a new understanding of the human psyche and develop more effective methods of treatment. In Pursuit of Psychic Change reflects this tradition - discussions of each contribution by other members of the group provides an in depth exploration of the merits and limitations of a developing analytic technique, in the hope of achieving true psychic change.

All psychoanalysts will benefit from the insights provided into the original and stimulating work of the members of the Betty Joseph Workshop.

M. Feldman, Supporting Psychic Change: Betty Joseph, Discussion by I. Sodré. J. Steiner, Containment, Enactment and Communication, Discussion by A. Varchevker. I. Sodré, Who's Who? Notes on Pathological Identifications, Discussion by B. Joseph, P. Roth. R. Britton, Complacency in Analysis and Everyday Life, Discussion by D. Taylor. P. Roth, Mapping the Landscape, Discussion by M. Feldman, A. Varchevker. P. Daniel, A Phantasy of Murder and its Consequences, Discussion by B. Joseph, R. Lucas. G. Fornari Spoto, Luxuriating in Stupefaction: The Analysis of a Narcissistic Fetish, Discussion by M. Papadakis. D. Taylor, Beyond Learning Theory, Discussion by P. Daniel, P. Roth. A. Hughes, Talking Makes Things Happen: A Contribution to the Understanding Of Patients' Use Of Speech in the Clinical Situation, Discussion by P. Daniel, J. Temperley. E. O'Shaughnessy, A Projective Identification with Frankenstein: Some Questions About Psychic Limits, Discussion by I. Brenman Pick, R. Anderson. M. Papadakis, To Defy the Fates; Doubt as an Expression of Envy, Discussion by I. Sodré. B. Joseph, Epilogue.

Author Biography:
Edith Hargreaves is a Training analyst of the British Psychoanalytic Society.
Arturo Varchevker works as an Adult Psychotherapist in private practise and in the NHS.

Full Contributors:
Robin Anderson, Irma Brenman Pick, Ronald Britton, Patricia Daniel, Michael Feldman, Gigliola Fornari Spoto, Athol Hughes, Betty Joseph, Richard Lucas, Edna O'Shaughnessy, Martha Papadakis, Priscilla Roth, Ignes Sodré, John Steiner, David Taylor, Jane Temperley.

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