Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Later Life

Editor : Jason Hepple, Editor : Laura Sutton

Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Later Life

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Experienced contributors illustrate how working with older people requires specialist skills and the need to share experience and theoretical developments in the 'hidden' developmental problems of later life. They include:
The delayed effects of early trauma.
The re-emergence of borderline traits and dissociative states.
The struggle to maintain narcissistic defences in later life.
The intricacies of severe depression and dementia.

The use of the Cognitive Analytic Therapy model offers a challenge to the child-centred paradigm of psychoanalytic theory, illustrating the value of recognition of the life-long development of the interpersonal.

Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Later Life is a fresh approach to working with older people. Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, social workers and occupational therapists alike will find this an illuminating and thought provoking book.

Author biographies:
Jason Hepple is Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist to Somerset Partnership Trust. He is a Clinical Research fellow for the Peninsula Medical School and a CAT practitioner and supervisor.

Laura Sutton is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and CAT practitioner and supervisor for Local Health Partnerships NHS Trust (Suffolk).

Contributors: Peter Coleman, Mark Dunn, Sally-Anne Ennis, Jason Hepple, Mikael Leiman, Madeleine Loates, Ian Robbins, Laura Sutton.

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