Learning for Leadership: Interpersonal and Intergroup Relations

Author(s) : A.K. Rice

Learning for Leadership: Interpersonal and Intergroup Relations

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Reviews and Endorsements

'This study, based on the experience of a series of residential courses and conferences that provide participants with opportunities to learn about the human problems of leadership, raises issues of vital importance in an industrial society that must evolve new conceptions of leadership and new methods of training adequate to the needs of changing technologies.

'Anyone concerned with the development of management training programs, or who realizes that 'process' training, rather than simply and solely 'content' training, is necessary for management development will find this book a useful introduction to training techniques in interpersonal and intergroup relations.'
- Industrial Training International

'In a field where so much is new, Mr. Rice and his colleagues are to be congratulated on the careful way they have evolved the conference structure. The book is written from experience and has a living quality about it.'
- David King, British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology

'For anyone wondering about the feasibility and drawbacks of instituting a course of sensitivity training, there is a lot to be learned from the experience of members of the Tavistock staff, much of which must have gone in to the making of this report.'
- Engineering

'Those concerned in the development of management training programs, as well as social scientists interested in the problems of organization and group relations, will welcome this book.'
- Higher Education Journal

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