Lacanian Psychotherapy with Children: The broken piano

Author(s) : Catherine Mathelin

Lacanian Psychotherapy with Children: The broken piano

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In a groundbreaking integration of Lacanian theory with the work of D.W. Winnicott and Frances Tustin, Mathelin shows how a child's symptoms can be a striking reflection of its parents' unresolved conflicts. In considering her patients' art work, much of it reproduced here, she reveals the ways in which visual communication can express both initial anguish and progress in treatment, while her experience of working on a neonatal unit allows her to argue compellingly that a child's mental health can be endangered even before birth.

"This is a book hard to put down, filled with the most fascinating brief case vignettes of parents and children who live in worlds disconnected from each other, hoping for experts to heal their suffering. The author shows poignantly and skillfully how children can be crippled by the unconsciously transmitted traumas of their parents' lives."
-Anni Bergman, Co-author of The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant

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