Clinical Dialogues on Psychoanalysis with Families and Couples

Editor : David E. Scharff, Editor : Monica Vorchheimer

Clinical Dialogues on Psychoanalysis with Families and Couples

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‘This book is truly remarkable. It has two great qualities. The first concerns its organization: each chapter is introduced by a clinical situation centering on a significant issue within the practical and theoretical realms of analytic family psychotherapy. The presentation of the case and its discussion by colleagues shed light on the dimensions of the issue. The second quality is connected with the large number of contributors and the wide range of psychoanalytic cultures of the participants, most of whom work in English-speaking and Latin American countries. This book thoroughly illustrates a realm of psychoanalytic clinical practice and research that has long remained on the fringes of practices and theories that focus on the cure of a singular subject. Based on these new data, we need to rethink the ways in which the unconscious produces its specific effects in families and couples, effects that are “only accessible” through the psychoanalytic method.’
- René Kaës, founder and Emeritus Professor at the Centre for Research in Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology at the University of Lumière Lyon 2 (France); author of Linking, Alliances and Shared Space: Groups and the Psychoanalyst

- ‘This book debates, makes us think, and challenges notions that we considered already established, and invites us to travel through living, enriching experiences.’
- Julio Moreno, professor at Buenos Aires University and author of How We Became Human; from the Prologue

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