The Mentalization Guidebook

Author(s) : Janne Oestergaard Hagelquist

The Mentalization Guidebook

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‘This book communicates the subject of mentalization in a way that is easy to follow and accessible to non-professionals and professionals alike. The illustrations help reduce the abstract content and perhaps excessive intellectualisation that can characterise books on this subject to something that through the medium of visual presentation becomes immediately obvious and concrete for the reader.’
— Professor Peter Fonagy, OBE, chief executive, Anna Freud Centre, London, from the Preface

‘Building on a well-articulated foundation of mentalizing, this book’s great strength lies in a wealth of clinical examples and specific techniques to help those working with traumatised young persons. Practical and clearly written, the book could be useful to family members and other caregivers as well as professional therapists.’
— Jon G. Allen, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry and author of Mentalizing in the Development and Treatment of Attachment Trauma

‘In this remarkable book, Janne Østergaard Hagelquist opens up the “black box” of mentalization theory and practice in an enormously accessible, helpful, understandable, and direct way. Written for psychotherapists and families, in language that is free of jargon, using lively case examples, clear definitions, graphics, and practical exercises, The Mentalization Guidebook takes the mystery out of one of the most useful therapeutic approaches of the twenty-first century. This volume is a much-needed addition to the literature on mentalization-based treatment of children and families, and a most useful guide for parents and families.’
— Arietta Slade, Clinical Professor, Yale Child Study Center, and Co-Director of Minding the Baby

‘This fantastic guidebook is great for professionals who are looking to support parents and their families to mentalize their child or indeed are working directly with children themselves. Janne Østergaard Hagelquist has taken often quite dense theoretical concepts and turned them into basic principles that are clearly explained, within a brilliantly structured format and with engaging examples, which make perfect sense to even the novice mentalizer. A book that furthers our ability to understand other minds, particularly those of our children, is extremely welcome in today’s complex world.’
— Alistair Cooper and Sheila Redfern, Anna Freud Centre, authors of Reflective Parenting

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