Married Life and its Vicissitudes: A Therapeutic Approach

Author(s) : Arturo Varchevker

Married Life and its Vicissitudes: A Therapeutic Approach

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‘In this book the author brings to the subject a depth of understanding derived from psychoanalysis, considerable experience of couple therapy, and work with families in crisis. Personal experience of married life is another indispensible requirement. The book has the sense of individual development in the context of the shared phantasies of marital relationships that underlie the everyday interactions of married couples, like the night dreams that underlie the waking thoughts of the couple. It therefore has depth as well as width, and speaks to all of us of what it is to be married. It can be recommended to those who treat families and couples in whatever context and to all who want to know more about their own marriages.’
--Dr Ronald Britton, FRCPych, Distinguished Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society

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