Psychoanalytic Technique and the Creation of Analytic Patients

Author(s) : Arnold Rothstein

Psychoanalytic Technique and the Creation of Analytic Patients

Book Details

  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : 1998
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 184
  • Category :
  • Catalogue No : 3736
  • ISBN 13 : 9781855752054
  • ISBN 10 : 1855752050

Reviews and Endorsements

'This is a book on a neglected aspect of psychoanalytic technique that should be read by everyone who hopes to develop a psychoanalytic practice. Dr Rothstein's emphasis on the value of analyzing a prospective patient's motives for avoiding analysis is of utmost importance. An excellent book by a seasoned and gifted analyst.'
- Charles Brenner, MD

'Psychoanalytic Technique and the Creation of Analytic Patients is clear, practical, and above all courageous. On the central issues from the idea of analyzability, to the objectivity of diagnosis, to attitudes toward fees, Rothstein challenges received wisdom and skewers sacred cows. The result is a book that will help all clinicians - therapist and analyst alike - to work more effectively within the realities of contemporary practice. Dr. Rothstein forces us to re-examine many fundamental assumptions, thereby contributing to radical re-evaluation of the nature of the psychoanalytic process itself.'
- Jay Greenberg, PhD

'In Psychoanalytic Technique and The Creation of Analytic Patients, a successful practicing analyst shares with us many of the secrets of his success. This book presents an extraordinary opportunity for any clinician who wants to gain a practical understanding of how to initiate and maintain analytic treatment in a way that is helpful to patients - in a way therefore, that leads to a full caseload even while other analytic practitioners claim that work is hard to find. Rothstein takes up crucial, often avoided topics - fee adjustment, billing, couples, therapy, when to keep patients and when to refer them - candidly and in detail. His clinical examples are vivid; the theoretical perspective that underlies his technical recommendations is stated clearly and redably. We find out what happens to his analysands over the long haul. Rothstein is unquestionably an extremely effective analyst, and his reflections on his clinical experience are a treasure trove.'
- Owen Renik, M.D

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