Surviving and Thriving in Care and Beyond: Personal and Professional Perspectives

Editor : Sara Barratt, Editor : Wendy Lobatto

Surviving and Thriving in Care and Beyond: Personal and Professional Perspectives

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‘This book will prove a rich resource for practitioners and policy makers alike. There are accounts by adopters, carers, children, and their therapists of the complex work involved in supporting those who are entrusted with raising children from backgrounds of adversity. The book gives voice to those who rarely have the opportunity to articulate their experience, and celebrates the dedication and creativity of a range of professionals who are tasked with providing support for these children and families at different stages of their lives.’
––Jeanne Kaniuk, OBE, Managing Director, Adoption Services, Coram

‘The thoughtful awareness of doing what is needed in each unique circumstance makes this book a positive and enlightening contribution to the fields of social care and adoption. It thrives on compassionate, well-informed practice wisdom that inspires the reader to find enrichment in this challenging area of work. This is a highly commendable compilation that should be read by all those involved in providing effective services to those who are or have been in social care.’
––Jim Wilson, systemic psychotherapist, author, consultant, and trainer

‘This is a unique collection of perspectives by those with the deepest understanding of this multi-faceted yet urgent problem. The stories are not pretty, but the determination of all the protagonists to put right what was so wrong, to confront inconceivably cruel experiences and find imaginative and uplifting solutions, gives one courage to carry on with this work. This is a landmark contribution creating a platform of hard-won insight that, if conscientiously read, should make all those who are part of the process of foster care and adoption better at what they do.’
––Professor Peter Fonagy, OBE, from the Foreword

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