Shrinking the News: Headline Stories on the Couch

Author(s) : Coline Covington

Shrinking the News: Headline Stories on the Couch

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Reviews and Endorsements

‘The fascinating deeper truths behind the current affairs “truth”.’
— Oliver James, author of Love Bombing

‘Coline Covington’s columns for The Week display that rare combination editors are always looking for – they’re both popular and prescient. Time after time she’s had something fresh to say about events and people in the news and, of course, she’s opened readers’ eyes to the power of psychoanalysis.’
— Nigel Horne, Editor, The Week online and former editor of the Telegraph magazine

Shrinking The News provides a much-needed novel perspective on everyday affairs around the globe. Using her sharp analysis and deep perception of the psyche, Coline Covington manages to make sense of world events that often seem beyond comprehension to many observers. Through her clear and accessible writing, the shroud of superficiality is lifted, leaving the reader enriched with valuable insight into the machinations of today’s most influential affairs.’
— Seth Freedman, Guardian journalist and author of Binge Trading

‘With a masterful lightness of touch, she addresses deep psychoanalytic themes through the lens of current events. This book is a treat and provides an excellent showcase for what psychoanalysis has to offer beyond the couch.’
— Professor Alessandra Lemma, Director, Psychological Therapies Development Unit, Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust

‘One cannot read the news without frequently wondering, “What on earth drives people to act like this?” Coline Covington is the indispensable guide. With a seasoned eye and wry expertise, she teases out the psychological factors that help explain what is going on behind the news.’
— Dr Armand D’Angour, Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Jesus College, Oxford

‘Coline Covington’s postings are always riveting, often ironic, and sometimes even oximoronic. Without fail, they clear the fog in our understanding of current events. But, more importantly, the psychoanalytic insights that she offers provide us with the tools to make the world a better place. This is an important book – beyond the pleasure of reading.’
— Raphael Kaplinsky, Professor of International Development, The Open University

‘Coline Covington shows a real talent in throwing a psychoanalytic light on everyday news events. An eye-opener, fun, informative, enriching.
— Professor Anton Obholzer, Tavistock Centre, London, and INSEAD Global Leadership Centre, Paris

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