Couple and Family Psychoanalysis: Volume 3 Number 1

Editor : Molly Ludlam

Couple and Family Psychoanalysis: Volume 3 Number 1

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Editorial Molly Ludlum

Personal View Marion Bower

Love as Creative Illusion and its Place in Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy by Julie Friend

Couples and Perversion by Anna Maria Nicolò

From Regression to Recovery: Tracking Developmental Anxieties in Couple Therapy by Timothy Keogh and Sylvia Enfield

Aggression in Couples: An Object Relations Primer by David Scharff

The Synergy of Concurrent Couple and Child Therapies Viewed Through the Lens of Link and Field Theories by Caroline Sehon

Clinical Narrative and Discussion:
A Couple Who Lost Joy by Pierre Cachia and Jill Savege Scharff

Commentary on Previously Published Articles:
The 'Original Couple': Enabling Mothers and Infants to Think About What Destroys as Well as Engenders Love, When There Has Been Intimate Partner Violence Comments from Robert Monzo and Maria Pozzi-Monzo

Meeting the Author:
An Interview with Pauline Hodson by Catriona Wrottesley

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