Growth and Turbulence in the Container/Contained: Bion's Continuing Legacy

Editor : Howard B. Levine, Editor : Lawrence J. Brown

Growth and Turbulence in the Container/Contained: Bion's Continuing Legacy

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  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : 2013
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 336
  • Category :
  • Catalogue No : 33748
  • ISBN 13 : 9780415617413
  • ISBN 10 : 9780415617

Reviews and Endorsements

Levine , Brown, Introduction and Historical Overview.
Laks Eizerik, Introduction.
Brown, The Development of Bion's Concept of Container and Contained.
Szykierski, The Traumatic Roots Of The Containment Fruit: The Evolution Of Bion's Metapsychological Questions From Bearing Witness To Dreadful Answers.
Aguayo, Wilfred Bion's 'Caesura': From Public Lecture to Published Text-(1975-1977). Clinical Process.
Ferro, Vicissitudes Of The Container-Contained And Field Theory.
Grotstein, Dreaming As A "Curtain Of Illusion": Revisiting The "Royal Road" With Bion As Our Guide.
Hartke, Psychological Turbulence In The Analytic Situation.
Cassorla, Reflections On Non-Dreams-For-Two, Enactment And The Analyst's Implicit Alpha-Function. Pathological States.
Junqueira de Mattos, & Braga, Primitive Conscience: A Glimpse Of The Primordial Mind.
Bruni, Container-Contained. Inverted Relationship.
Weiss, Romantic Perversion - a Pathological Organization Based on -L. Reflections on Containment and the Experience of Time.
Trachtenberg, Caesura, Denial and Envy. Infant and Child Analysis.
Robinson, Infant Observation: Catastrophic Change Under a Microscope.
Staehle, The Threatening Character of Change. An Approach With Patients Who Experience Progress As Trauma. Applied Studies.
Waddell, Meaning And Form. The Containing Function Of Art.
Priel, The Power of Form: The Shoah in Contemporary Hebrew Literature. Final Thoughts.
Levine, Looking Back, Looking Ahead.

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