The Transactional Analyst in Action: Clinical Seminars

Author(s) : Michele Novellino

The Transactional Analyst in Action: Clinical Seminars

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Reviews and Endorsements

‘Michele Novellino’s book has enormous didactic value: it retraces the story of techniques used in transactional analytic psychotherapy, covering the whole span of their development. Starting with classical Bernean operations, the contract, and the 70’s techniques (such as the parent interview, self-reparenting, redecision, etc.) it moves through the psychodynamic approach to TA, onto relational work with transference and countertransference, and ends with the contribution of the integrative transactional analysis. It is practical, simple, deep and efficient: Transactional Analysis at its best! Among the most useful technical resource since Berne’s Principles of Group Treatment.’
- Marco Mazzetti, MD, Psychiatrist, Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst, Recipient of the Eric Berne Memorial Award 2012

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