Couple and Family Psychoanalysis: Volume 2 Number 2

Editor : Molly Ludlam

Couple and Family Psychoanalysis: Volume 2 Number 2

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Personality Disorder: A Diagnosis of Disordered Relating by Stanley Ruszczynski

Viewing the Absence of Sex from Couple Relationships Through the 'Core Complex' Lens by Amita Sehgal

Infidelity as Manic Defence by Shelley Nathans

Lack of Self-Disclosure and Verbal Communication About Emotions as a Precipitant of Affairs by Shosh Carmel

Children of Oedipus by Penelope Jools

The 'Original Couple': Enabling Mothers and Infants to Think About What Destroys as Well as Engenders Love, When There Has Been Intimate
Partner Violence by Sarah Jones and Wendy Bunston

Mutual Madness: the erotic transference between Jung and Spielrein by Coline Covington

Commentary on Previously Published Articles - 'A Bad Moment with the Light. No-Sex Couples: The Role of Autistic-Contiguous Anxieties' and 'Denial, Dissociation, and Emotional Memories in Couples Treatment'
Comments from Valerie Sinason and David E. Scharff

Meeting the Author - An Interview with Dr Paola Mariotti
Catriona Wrottesley

Book Reviews
- 'The Use of Psychoanalytic Concepts in Work with Families' by Hilary A. Davies
Reviewed by Sally Box

- 'Created in Our Own W. S. Gilbert's 'Pygmalion and Galatea': An Introduction to the Art, Ethics and Science of Cloning' edited by Fred M. Sander, M.D.
Reviewed by Stella Vaines

- 'The Interpersonal Unconscious' by David E. Scharff & Jill Savege Scharff
Reviewed by Christopher Clulow


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