Addictive States of Mind

Editor : Marion Bower, Editor : Robert Hale, Editor : Heather Wood

Addictive States of Mind

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'"Ground-breaking" is a much over-used and abused cliché perhaps, yet it does seem the right term to describe this volume. The three editors are also significant contributors to an excellent collection of papers on some of the most recalcitrant and disturbing pathologies so often manifest in addictive states of mind. Much has been, and is being, written about the aetiology and treatment of addiction, but there is little from the coherent and enlightening perspective offered by this book. Here we have set out for the reader a comprehensive, scholarly and moving exploration of a wide spectrum of different addictive behaviours and of some of the settings in which they are clinically, that is psychotherapeutically addressed. The book also, unusually, includes work across the life-span, with chapters on infancy, young childhood and adolescence as well as adult addictive states.'
- Margot Waddell, Series Editor

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