Parents and Toddlers in Groups: A Psychoanalytic Developmental Approach

Author(s) : Marie Zaphiriou Woods, Author(s) : Inge-Martine Pretorius

Parents and Toddlers in Groups: A Psychoanalytic Developmental Approach

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Acknowledgements. Foreword. Introduction.
Part I: The Anna Freud Centre Parent-Toddler Groups. Inge-Martine Pretorius, A historical background of the Anna Freud Centre parent-toddler groups and the use of observation to study child development. Marie Zaphiriou Woods, Normal toddler development: Excursions and returns. Marie Zaphiriou Woods, The Anna Freud Centre approach to running a parent-toddler group. Jenny Stoker, The Role of Play. Anna Plagerson, Normally Difficult and Difficult Normality. A Toddler Observation Paper. Inge-Martine Pretorius and Julie Wallace, Being seen to be able: the relationship between a partially sighted father and his daughters born with floppy baby syndrome.
Part II: Adaptations and Applications of the Anna Freud Centre Model. Jenny Stoker, Difference and Disability: Experiences in a Specialist Toddler Group. Lesley Bennett, Running a toddler group on a council housing estate; invisibility, intrusion, dislocation and the importance of boundaries. Elspeth Pluckrose, Building a toddler group in a hostel for homeless families: an iterative technique. Fatima Martinez del Solar, Reaching out to vulnerable parents and toddlers: Establishing a parent-toddler group in a deprived area of South London. Valentina Ivanova and Nina Vasilyeva, Integrating parents and toddlers with special needs: Parent-toddler groups in St. Petersburg. Evanthia Navridi, Integration, sharing and separation: Introducing the concept of toddlers and toddler groups in Greece. Ana Maria Barrantes and Elena Piazzon, Finding our own path: Engaging working parents in a toddler group in Peru.
Part III: Research and Evaluation. Kay Asquith, Introduction. Annabel Kitson, Maria Luisa Barros and Nick Midgley, A qualitative study of the experience of parents attending a psychoanalytic parent-toddler group. Carolina Camino Rivera, Kay Asquith and Anna Prutzel-Thomas, Thinking about my toddler: Can a psychoanalytic toddler group enhance reflective functioning capacities in parents? Joshua Holmes, Anna Prutzel-Thomas and Kay Asquith, Snack time at an Anna Freud Centre parent-toddler group: Microanalysis of social eating in toddlerhood. Mary Target and Elizabeth Allison, Conclusion. Appendix. References

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