Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.11 No.2

Editor : Michael Moskowitz, Editor : Anne-Marie Cummins

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.11 No.2

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Reviews and Endorsements


Inclusion, Exclusion: Observations on a Psychiatric Ward 'I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member' (Groucho Marx)
- Giles Godwin

Is Woman the Future of Man? An Exploration of the Potential of Women in the Knowledge Economy and of the Problem of Gender Inequality in the Workplace
- Shelley Reciniello

Who Watches the Watchers? Observing the Dangerous Liaisons Between Forensic Patients and Their Carers in the Perverse Panopticon
- Christopher Scanlon and John Adlam

'Who's Afraid of the Organisation'?: 'Angst' in Organisational Life and What (If Anything) To Do About It - Keynote paper presented at OPUS Conference, London, 19-20 November 2010
- Ross A. Lazar

Laurence Jay Gould (1937-2010): Obituary and Appreciation
- Michael Moskowitz

Right to Reply
- David Gutmann

A Response From The Periphery: Gutmann and the Challenge of Being Relevant
- C. Jama Adams

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