Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.11 No.1

Editor : Michael Moskowitz, Editor : Anne-Marie Cummins

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.11 No.1

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Reviews and Endorsements


University Incorporated: Socio-analytic Thoughts on the Increasing Dominance of Market and Financial Pressures on Universities
- Arndt Ahlers-Niemann

'Light in my Life': A Tale of Travel through the Unfamiliar Landscape of a Group Relations Conference in Israel
- Juliet Scott

Organisational Mistrust: Exploring the Issues, Pondering Its Fate...
- James Grady and Victoria Grady

Hero-making as a Defence against the Anxiety of Responsibility and Risk: A Case Study of US Airways Flight 1549
- Amy L. Fraher

Collective Working Through: The Role and Function of Memorialisation
- Laurence J. Gould

Global Dynamics at the Dawn of 2011
- Lionel F. Stapley and Chrissie Rickman

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