The Edinburgh International Encyclopaedia of Psychoanalysis

Author(s) : Ross Skelton, Editor : James S. Grotstein, Editor : Bernard Burgoyne, Editor : Murray Stein

The Edinburgh International Encyclopaedia of Psychoanalysis

Book Details

  • Publisher : Edinburgh University Press
  • Published : 2010
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 528
  • Category :
  • Catalogue No : 29433
  • ISBN 13 : 9780748639762
  • ISBN 10 : 0748639764

Reviews and Endorsements

Besides concise definitions, it includes numerous illuminating longer essays by distinguished contributors including: Peter Fonagy, Michael Eigen, James Grotstein, Eric Laurent, Thomas Ogden, Paul Roazen, Hazel Barnes, Charles Brenner, Marcia Cavell, Morris Eagle, Murray Stein, Allan Schore, Robert Stolorow and Robert Wallerstein.

Key Features
* Entries on all the concepts of the main psychoanalytic schools of thought including the analytic psychologist, Jung.
* Full coverage of: Freud, Fairbairn, Jung, Klein, Bion, Kohut, Winnicott and Lacan. Existential psychoanalysis is covered in detail, as are Group psychoanalysis, Child psychotherapy and Psychiatry. * Some 50 extended essays on links with other subjects including: Philosophy, Ethology, Literature, Film, Politics, Feminism, Neuroscience, Human Nature, Religion and many more.
* Entries on all the main figures of psychoanalysis, past and present as well as the history and practice of psychoanalysis in forty-seven countries worldwide.

Editorial Board:
Bernard Burgoyne (London), James Grotstein (Los Angeles), Murray Stein (Chicago), Cleo van Velsen (London)
Consultant Editors:
Lewis Aaron, Howard Bacal, June Bernstein, Ron Britton, Morris Eagle, John Muller, Malcolm Pines, Eric Rayner, Paul Roazen, William Richardson, Andrew Samuels, Robert Wallerstein
Executive Editors:
Joe Aguayo, Shelley Ahanati, Betty Cannon, Rebecca Curtis, Elinor Fairbairn Birtles, Kirsty Hall, Jennifer Johns, Rik Loose, Maria Rhode, David Scharff, Robert Stolorow, Richard Tuch, Jane van Buren, Aleksandra Wagner

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