Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.10 No.2

Editor : Michael Moskowitz, Editor : Anne-Marie Cummins

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.10 No.2

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Reviews and Endorsements


Epistemological Lenses and Group Relations Learning
- Junell Silver and Ruthellen Josselson

The Leadership Challenge: Rediscovering the Voice of Reason
- Hannah Piterman

'Not Born to Compete': Individual and Organisational Reluctance to Compete
- Francesca Cardona

Group Relations: Achieving a New Difference
- William Halton

Rethinking Childhood: The Quest for Participation and Its Implication for Group Relations (Keynote Paper presented at the Opus Conference, London, 20-21 November 2009)
- Britta Högberg

Seeing the Connections, Making the Links: The Dynamics of Accompaniment in Our Interconnected World (Eric Miller Memorial Lecture, 20 March 2010)
- Presented by Jean Reed

Challenges for Physicians in Formal Leadership Roles: Silos in the Mind
- Thomas N. Gilmore

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