Race and Culture: Tools, Techniques and Trainings: A Manual for Professionals

Author(s) : Reenee Singh, Author(s) : Sumita Dutta

Race and Culture: Tools, Techniques and Trainings: A Manual for Professionals

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'This wonderful book is the ideal resource for those who wish to learn to do trainings in diversity and cultural competence and to introduce them into their own agency or university settings. The authors speak knowledgeably from their own experience and offer their years of collective wisdom in addressing issues of "race" and culture. They offer not only tools and techniques but thoughtful suggestions about sensitive issues, challenges and the timing of these interventions.'
- Nancy Boyd-Franklin, PhD, Professor, Rutgers University, author of Black Families in Therapy

'This book provides a unique resource for the professional field. It offers a richness of ideas, some of which have been part of professional thought and reflection for the last forty years, but which remain as fresh and perplexing each decade as they did before: some of which need to be rethought with each professional generation, and some which enter the complexity of a multi-ethnic society for the first time. The questions do not stand alone but are accompanied by a variety of exercises that enable and promote complex thinking about ethnicity and culture and new ways of expanding cultural sensitivity and awareness for all of us, trainers, professionals and "clients" alike.
Without simplifying issues it is clear and easy to read; and the questions posed by the authors from their life and professional experience are explored within the exercises offered from multipositional perpectives, without trying to come to premature definitive answers. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to develop more nuanced thinking about ethnicity, "race" and culture in the UK today.'
- Gill Gorrell Barnes, Therapist for Individuals, Couples and Families and Consultant to Child and Family Court Proceedings; author of Family Therapy in Changing Times

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