Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.9 No.1

Editor : Michael Moskowitz, Editor : Anne-Marie Cummins

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.9 No.1

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Reviews and Endorsements


Social Science and Psychoanalysis: Marriage or Infection? Psychic Imprisonment and Its Release within Organizations and Working Relationships: Opus Conference, London, 21-22 November 2008 - Gilles Amado

'Pushing the Past Backwards in Front of Oneself': A Socio-Analytic Perspective on the Relatedness of Past, Present, and Future in Contemporary Organizations - Burkard Sievers

The World Event: A New Design for the Study of Intergroup Behaviour in Group Relations Conferences - Mary B. McRae, Zachary Green and Bruce Irvine

The Influence of Society on the Psyche: A Comparative Study of Adolescents in Post-Communist and West European Democratic Societies - Catherine Schmidt and Elisha Davar

An Interview with Isbel Menzies Lyth with a Conceptual Commentary - David Lawlor and Liz Webb

Soundings: Global Dynamics at the Dawn of 2009 - Lionel Stapley and Chrissie Rickman

Speaking Out: Splits, Extrusion and Integration: The Impact of 'Potential Space' for Group Relations and Sponsoring Institutions - Mannie Sher

Book Review

Obituary - Honouring Karien van Lohuizen 1951-2008 - Rose Redding Mersky and Burkard Sievers

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