Social Dreaming in the 21st Century: The World We Are Losing

Author(s) : John Clare, Author(s) : Ali Zarbafi

Social Dreaming in the 21st Century: The World We Are Losing

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Originally the authors had both studied sociology which, when complemented by psychotherapy, has found expression in the amalgam of 'dreaming and the social' which is the territory of this book. Thus, this work is a collaboration between two different analytic traditions, produced in the spirit of shared ideas, acknowledged differences and a mutual belief in free association and the primacy of the dream. In addition to Freud and Jung, it is influenced by thinkers such as Donald Winnicott, Wilfred Bion and Christopher Bollas, and readers will find an exposition of some of their ideas in the Chapter on Social Dreaming and the Self. The work of Gordon Lawrence has also been an overarching influence since the authors first worked with him in 1994.

'This is the book I have been waiting to read. I have yearned for a book that would examine contemporary culture through the imaginative critique of psychoanalysis. I did not want a theory-poem, or authorial brilliance. I yearned for the sort of book that I knew would teach me something and which I could recommend to others. The authors' passion embraces the subject matter in ways that is more than inspiring and hopeful. It is such a relief to read!'
- Christopher Bollas, author of The Freudian Moment, The Infinite Question and The Evocative Object World

'Clare and Zarbafi have written a book of dream research that is, probably, unrivalled because of the profundity of the detail of dreaming and their discussions of each dreaming event ... a major contribution to the social dreaming project.'
- Gordon Lawrence from the Foreword

1 Social dreaming and the self - John Clare
2 The night train of social dreaming - Ali Zarbafi
3 Dreaming after 9/11
4 Sweet honey in the rock
5 The end of the dance: dreams at a literary festival: Addendum by Jane Storr
6 We are all slaves to babble-land
7 Dreaming in the inner city: counselling with adolescents
8 Too late! Dreaming in the Haute Languedoc
9 Conclusion

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