Consequences of Denial: The Armenian Genocide

Author(s) : Aida Alayarian

Consequences of Denial: The Armenian Genocide

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'This book is about the vital importance of historical research and the public recognition of traumatic social events. [Aida] Alayarian convincingly shows how the denial of the Armenian genocide denies the victims the opportunity to make sense of their experience, and how easily witness accounts can be dismissed as "rumours" or "allegations" without the legal and intellectual framework of societal efforts of remembrance and restitution. The unbearable pain of genocide has been followed by suspicion and disbelief, and Turkish society is unable to come to terms with its past, and therefore with itself.'
- Dr Sigrid Rausing

'Consequences of Denial is one of the very few books highlighting the long- term psychological plight of forgotten human atrocities and genocide. The importance of the book comes not only as a reminder of the forgotten human tragedies and genocide, it also sheds light on the new role of mental health professionals in understanding the psychological consequences of mass trauma and victimization. It also provides directions to proactive measures in preventing human sufferings. The book gives noticeable lessons on how to pave the road towards peace and reconciliation: acknowledging human atrocities, apology for survivors and their families, and recognition of others are steps towards forgiveness and reconciliation.'
- Abdel Hamid Afana, PhD

'This book is an important contribution to the discourse of truth and I hope it will help to bring forward that day of recognition of the historical truth of the Armenian genocide so that a process of healing may begin between the peoples of Armenia and Turkey - and thereby engender a greater hope for the world that truth can and will prevail.'
- Baroness Caroline Cox

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