Mentalizing in Child Therapy: Guidelines for Clinical Practitioners

Editor : Annelies J.E. Verheugt-Pleiter, Editor : Jolien Zevalkink, Editor : M.G.J. Schmeets

Mentalizing in Child Therapy: Guidelines for Clinical Practitioners

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Reviews and Endorsements

'This book is a valuable instrument in clinical training, particularly because of the way it elaborates on the many interventions and techniques, differentiates and operationalizes them, and furthermore illustrates them using case material.'
- Nicole Vliegen, PhD, Researcher and Psychoanalyst, University of Leuven, Belgium, in Kind en Adolescent [Child and Adolescent]

'The book is an excellent guideline for therapy with children who are developmentally threatened or disturbed.'
- Anneke van den Bosch, Child Psychotherapist, Sofia Children's Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in Kind en Adolescent Praktijk [Child and Adolescent Practice]

'The authors' merits lie within the fact that they are abundantly clear and thorough in their description of methodology and approach. This is the indispensable groundwork of any research, and will be sure to silence any sceptics.'
- R.J. van der Gaag, Professor in Child Psychiatry, Radboud University, Nijmegen; The Netherlands in Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie [Journal of Psychiatry]

'Despite the differing backgrounds of the authors that have worked together to bring forth this book, it is a remarkably clear text, with a crystal-clear structure, in a well-edited publication.'
- Hans Peters in Tijdschrift Cliëntgerichte Psychotherapie (Journal of Person-Centred Psychotherapy]

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