Working with Parents and Infants: A Mind-Body Integration Approach

Author(s) : Antonella Sansone

Working with Parents and Infants: A Mind-Body Integration Approach

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'At the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute the training program is shared between prenatal and perinatal psychology studies and soma studies. In its simplest terms, this book gives clear exposition and understanding of the intertwining imperatives which both disciplines share. Sansone reminds us that soma is a Greek word referring to "the living body in its wholeness". Whatever we experience in and through the body forms our somatic reality, which includes feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions, symbols, sensations, and representations. When any expression of the living body is suppressed, the wholeness and harmony of our somatic reality is undermined. And so is the psyche, as psyche and soma belong to each other. The most interesting aspect of this book is that there is such an easy sense of personal communication to readers: parents, practitioners and to anyone who has been born. [It] offers an evolutionary window in psychoanalytic theory resolving and integrating Freud's split between "body ego" and holistic theory. It is a "soulmark" presentation by a brilliant observer of essential mother-baby relationship dialogue.'
- Jon Turner & Troya GN Turner, Co-Founders/Co-Directors of the Whole-Self Discovery and Development Institute, Inc. International USA / Holland

'Here is an informative and compassionate book, for parents and professionals alike, which will not only help mothers enjoy their babies and provide a secure beginning for their lives, it will do so by enhancing mothers' inner sense of wellbeing and confidence. The earlier the baby can receive this quality attention, the greater will be its value throughout life. Antonella Sansone emphasises the importance of firm holding and of touch, particularly in baby-massage, and how to use this safely and enjoyably for mutual healing of mother and child. Sansone's guidance in developing awareness of body-language, and recognizing memories we store in our bodies as well as our brains, gives us clues to finding our own needs as well as our children's. Physical problems - tension in shoulders or muscles used to kiss or hug, or mastitis or other skin disturbance - if dealt with at a psychological level, can lead to gains beyond mere alleviation of symptoms, towards establishing unity of body and mind. Antonella marries the psychotherapeutic insights of the West with those of Eastern meditation. Her image of mother and child playing on each other as a bow on a violin, yet alternating which is the bow and which the violin, provides an exciting sense of achieving music and harmony in a relationship. This serious book on healing is also about our relationships being playful and fun. Sansone outlines essential guidelines for training in parent/infant work, notably the trainees' own bodyself awareness, to help them be open to all types of communication with parents and infants.'
- Frances House/Simon House, Psychotherapist, gestalt and psychodynamic/Member of the International Society for Prenatal Psychology and Medicine, and co-author of The Unborn Child

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