Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.7 No.1

Editor : Laurence J. Gould, Editor : Anne-Marie Cummins

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.7 No.1

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Reviews and Endorsements


Xenophon and Psychoanalysis: Lessons in Management - John Gale

'Retainment' of Staff: The Challenge to the System in Managing the Presence or Absence of Staff for the Work Task; The Application of Bion's Approach to Group Psychosomatic Phenomena - Richard Morgan-Jones

The Psychological Nature of Oppression in an American Workplace - Seth Allcorn

Reflections on the Administrator's Role - Margaret Parish

Global Dynamics At The Dawn of 2007 - Lionel F. Stapley and Christine Cave

Exploring the Contributions of a Systems-Psychodynamic Approach to Working in Organizations: An Inquiry into the Learning of the White Organization Program - Leslie Reed Shields, Bernard Gertler and Fernande Faulkner

On Freud's 'Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego - John Bird

Individuals, Groups and Organizations Beneath the Surface: An Introduction - Stanley Gold

Organization in the Mind: Psychoanalysis, Group Relations and Organizational Consultancy - Amy L. Fraher

Working Across the Gap. The Practice of Social Science in Organizations - Stefan Jern

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