Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.5 No.1

Editor : Laurence J. Gould, Editor : Paul Hoggett

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.5 No.1

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Reviews and Endorsements


The Dynamics of Large Groups and Their Effects on Organizational Functioning
Andrew Collie

'You're Either With Us or You're Against Us': Dominant Discourse in Health Care Practice
Hannah Piterman

Listening Post: Global Uncertainty and the Outbreak of the War in Iraq: February to April 2003 The Median Group as a Potential Container for Listening Posts
Tania Nahum

Thinking of the Unconscious, and the Infinite, of Society During Dark Times
W. Gordon Lawrence

Healthy and Pathological Consequences of Two Cultures
Branka Pecotic and Andrew Cooper

Discussion of Branka Pecotic's and Andrew Cooper's 'Healthy and Pathological Consequence of Two Culures'
Michael Sebek

Pathological Consequences of Abused Socialism
Haralan Alexandrov and Rafael Chichek

Global Dynamics at the Dawn of 2005
Lionel F. Stapley and Andrew Collie

Entertaining Meaning: On Reading Building on Bion
David Armstrong

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