Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.4 No.2

Editor : Laurence J. Gould, Editor : Paul Hoggett

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.4 No.2

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Reviews and Endorsements


Harold Bridger - Conversations and Recollections
Stanley Gold and Lisl Klein

Systems Psychodynamics: The Formative Years (1895-1967)
Amy L. Fraher

Containment of Anxiety in Organizational Change: A Case Example of Changing Organizational Boundaries
Kim James and Clare Huffington

Introverts as Silent Leaders: Indefensible or Indomitable?
Stephani Richards-Wilson

'. Bye George!?' - America's George W. Bush and Austria's Joerg Haider: Two Examples of Basic Assumption Leadership as Opposed to 'Containment' Leadership in Contemporary Politics
Ross A. Lazar

Not Leading Followers, Not Following Leaders: The Contemporary Erosion of the Traditional Social Contract
Olya Khaleelee

Dependency, Autonomy and the Politics of Survival
H. Shmuel Erlich

In Defence of Inefficiency
Tim Dartington

Regarding Difference: Respecting Others
Amal Treacher and Angela Foster

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