Mothers, Babies and their Body Language

Author(s) : Antonella Sansone

Mothers, Babies and their Body Language

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'Antonella Sansone's book provides a practical demonstration of what was hitherto merely a theoretical concept of bonding between parents and infants. It shows how infants can experience their physical and mental self in their relationship with their carer through touch, mutual synchronicity and relating. Baby massage is a key tool in this context. The book shows how to help babies and infants suffering from disturbed relations with their parents. It opens up a new way of facilitating and restoring primal bonding. The book can be recommended to all parents and is vital reading for infant/baby psychotherapists and for psychotherapists in general.'
- Ludwig Janus

'Always a welcome presence in my workshops and courses Antonella was able to offer some valuable advice and insights on numerous occasions to those present. Her level of commitment and enthusiasm towards a subject so obviously close to her heart is reflected in the writing of this book. One which acknowledges the importance of tactile communication during the early years and supports better understanding and more encouragement of a baby's innate tendencies towards their growth and development.

'The skills that we include in parenting have an ongoing effect upon the child's personality and future relationships. Improvements in our understanding of our children's needs and abilities at this primal period contributes greatly towards better parent and child relationships. Towards this end I highly recommend this inspiring book.'
- Peter Walker, Author, Teacher, Baby Massage and Movement Therapist

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