Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.3 No.2

Editor : Laurence J. Gould, Editor : Paul Hoggett

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.3 No.2

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Reviews and Endorsements


Corruption: Oedipal Configuration as Social Mechanism
Carlos Sapochnik

Hate in Groups and the Struggle for Individual Identity
David P. Levine

Leadership and Collaboration Challenges in Not For Profit Partnerships
Margaret Page

The Manager's Most Precious Skill: The Capacity to be 'Psychologically Present'
Francesca Cardona

'Light a Candle, Cast a Shadow': Learning From Experience in the Consulting Role
Judith Ward

Is The Very Small Group The Family At Work? Bob Gosling Memorial Lecture 2003
Olya Khaleelee

Developing the 'Socio-Analytic Mind' in Australia: A Socio-Analytic Exploration of the Key Themes of Major Group Relations Programmes of the Australian Institute of Socio-Analysis: 1987-2003
Allan Shafer

Images of Society
John Broadbent

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