Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.2 No.1

Editor : Laurence J. Gould, Editor : Paul Hoggett

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.2 No.1

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Reviews and Endorsements


Remembering Eric Miller
Laurence J. Gould and Paul Hoggett

The Life of Isabel Menzies-Lyth
Branka Pecotic

Lessons from Working to Regenerate Services in Post-Conflict Recovery Scenarios
Renate Grønvold Bugge

Ghosts in the Corridors of Business Administration Schools: The 'Unconscious' at Work
Oren Kaplan and Maly Solan

The Vicissitudes of Identity
Eric Miller

Making Present: Reflections on a Neglected Function of Leadership and its Contemporary Relevance
David Armstrong

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions": Quality Assurance as a Social Defence Against Anxiety
Anne-Marie Cummins

'Dangerous Liaisons': Projective Identification, Basic Assumption Envy, and the Conflict between Love and Hate in the Relationship between Two Psychiatric Teams
Matthieu Daum

The Snark Effect, or: Beware the New Idea
Robert French

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