Untying the Knot: Working with Children and Parents

Author(s) : A.H. Brafman

Untying the Knot: Working with Children and Parents

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Reviews and Endorsements

'…Brafman, through his skill, warmth, and the detailed observation of his encounters, enables these real and troubled children to find a voice in the book. And the reader is able to hear, feel and appreciate just how valuable and yet how painful this kind of work can be. Brafman's courage in engaging with family members in this difficult arena is admirable.'
- Evanthe Blandy, The Journal of Child Psychotherapy

'If I were a child who had a problem I think I'd be pleased if someone took me to see Dr. Brafman…He takes it for granted that a child wants to be understood, that he is looking to be understood, and it is the consultant's role to convey his willingness to listen to the child's experience and try to put it into words. I think most of us could probably learn something about that, and a great deal from this book.'
- Nicholas Midgley, Psychodynamic Practice

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