Hurly-Burly: Issue 9: The International Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis

Editor : Victoria Woollard, Editor : Noa Farchi

Hurly-Burly: Issue 9: The International Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis

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Editorial - Victoria Woollard

Lacan’s Siberiethic

• Jacques Lacan - On a Function that is Not to Be Written - The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XVIII, Chapter VI

• Jacques Lacan - Lituraterre

• Jacques-Alain Miller - L’or à gueule of Lituraterre

• Éric Laurent - The Purloined Letter and The Tao of The Psychoanalyst

• Éric Laurent & Jacques-Alain Miller - Communication and Belief in Japan


• Dominique Holvoet - The Knottings Seminars in the NLS

• Alexandre Stevens - Delusion and Supplementation

• Alfredo Zenoni - What Becomes of Psychosis Beyond the OEdipus?

• Despina Andropoulou - Mass Democracy and Cannabis Use in Adolescence

• Helen Molari - Ulysses or the Artist and his Object

• Dossia Avdelidi - Limited Foreclosure - Generalised Foreclosure

• Valérie Pera Guillot - The Ordinariness of the Psychotic Subject: From Disbelief to the Forced Invention

• Beatriz Premazzi - A Common Name

• Gabriela Giuggioloni and Dinorah Otero - “Universal Clinic of Delusion” and Women

The Couch

• Bruno de Halleux - Twingo

• Marie-Hélène Blancard - Taking Jouissance to the Letter

• Bernard Porcheret - The Drive is Voracious

The letter! The litter! The soother the bitter…

• Claudia Iddan - The Unconscious in Photography - The Dialectical Image

• James Snowden - Freud and the Desire of the Psychoanalyst, by Serge Cottet

• Marie-Hélène Brousse - Feminine Homosexuality in the Plural, or When Hysterics Do Without their Straw Men

The Real in the 21st Century

• Jacques-Alain Miller - The Real in the 21st Century

• Sophie Marret-Maleval - Lacan’s Henology: from Ontology to the Ontic

• Laure Naveau - Anxiety, Signal of the Real

Hypermodern Times

• Jacques-Alain Miller - Homosexual Marriage: Forgetting Nature

• Yves Depelsenaire - Levi-Strauss Confronts the Homosexual Couple

• Pierre-Gilles Guéguen - Light and Shadows on a Case of Gay Bashing

• Éric Laurent - Who Will Look After the Children?

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