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The Pre-Psychoanalytic Writings of Sigmund Freud

Editor : Gertrudis Van de Vijver, Editor : Filip Geerardyn, Editor : Duncan Barford

The Pre-Psychoanalytic Writings of Sigmund Freud
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This vital new reading of Freud's pre-analytic texts proposes both to introduce psychoanalysis to a research-driven, interdisciplinary means of solving problems, and to open up the possibility of a methodological shift in the sciences.

Reviews and Endorsements:

As a whole, the papers emphasize the enormity and unparalleled originality of Freud's pre-analytic work, as well as its influence upon the subsequent development of psychoanalytic theory and technique. The collection offers a fascinating glimpse of the sheer range of ideas which have fed the psychoanalytic mind-set, and the links between psychoanalysis and a whole host of other disciplines.

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