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Confident Children: Help Children Feel Good About Themselves

Author(s) : Gael Lindenfield

Confident Children: Help Children Feel Good About Themselves
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In our increasingly competitive world, personal confidence is a prerequisite for success and confident children with a positive outlook have a much better chance to grow into successful, well-adjusted adults. No parent wants their child to repeat their mistakes or inherit their weaknesses, and a confident adult can often misunderstand why their own child is fearful. Starting with the idea that in order to instil confidence in your children, you need to begin by being confident yourself, Gael Lindenfield concentrates on practical steps that parents can take to help prepare their children for the business of survival and happiness in school and in life. Along with the broader issues, this book also looks at particular problems such as bullying, moving house, illness, death, marital problems and special needs - handicapped, hospitalized children, ethnic minorities, step-children and foster children.