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Electra vs Oedipus: The Drama of the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Author(s) : Hendrika C. Freud, Translator : Marjolijn de Jager

Electra vs Oedipus: The Drama of the Mother-Daughter Relationship
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Electra vs Oedipus explores the deeply complex and often turbulent relationship between mothers and daughters. In contrast to Sigmund Freud's conviction that the father is the central figure, the book puts forward the notion that women are in fact far more (pre)occupied with their mother. Drawing on the author's extensive clinical experience, the book provides numerous case studies which shed light on women's emotional development. Topics include: love and hate between mothers and daughters, the history of maternal love, childbirth and depression, and rejected mothers.

Electra vs Oedipus will be a valuable resource for psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and all those with an interest in the dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship.

Reviews and Endorsements:

Foreword. Love and Hate Between Mothers and Daughters. The Symbiotic Illusion. History of Maternal Love. Nina: Daughter of a Single Mother. Electra versus Oedipus. What Does Woman Want? Childbirth and Depression. Martha: A Woman in her Middle Years. On Rejected Mothers. History and Hysteria.

Notes about the author(s):

Hendrika C. Freud is a psychoanalyst and a member of The International Psychoanalytic Association and Association for Child Psychoanalysis. She is a teacher, supervisor and training analyst of the Dutch Psychoanalytic Society and and has been in private practice for nearly fifty years.

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