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Integrating EMDR into Your Practice

Author(s) : Liz Royle, Author(s) : Catherine Kerr

Integrating EMDR into Your Practice
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The book offers practical guidance and strategies to avoid the common pitfalls of EMDR practice through the 8-phase protocol. Chapters will include Frequently Asked Questions about subjects, such as confidence and other "horror stories" that are often heard by EMDR therapists. The text proposes to guide those therapists into a safer way of working while encouraging them to access accredited training and supervision for their practice. The scope of the book is limited to EMDR practice with adults.

Key Features of this Book:

* Case studies illustrate common pitfalls and strategies for preventing them

* FAQ's and "Whatever you do, don't do this" provided for each stage

* Narratives from EMDR clients offer insight for the practitioner