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Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain: Based on EMDR

Author(s) : Mark Grant

Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain: Based on EMDR
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Chronic physical or emotional pain is one of the most overwhelming problems we ever have to face. It often fails to respond to normally effective treatments such as medication and counselling. Time doesn't heal some wounds, and sufferers are faced with a desperate need for solutions. One of the most exciting developments in treating pain is increased understanding of the brain's role in pain, based on new brain-scanning technology. Scientists have also discovered that the brain is malleable and capable of being changed throughout the lifespan. This enlightening and practical book explains how physical and emotional pain are stored in the brain, and what causes pain to persist after the injury or trauma that initially triggered it. The book describes five core sensory-emotional skills for reversing the brain activity that maintains pain. These are brought to life through over 20 brain-smart activities designed to neutralize the sensoryemotional reactions that maintain pain. Benefits include learning: how to understand and benefit from your emotions, even negative ones; how to cope with the effects of physical injury with less distress; how to reduce painful feelings and sensations without really trying; how to change negative emotional patterns; how to feel better about yourself; how to conquer stress; how to protect yourself against future episodes of pain; sleep better - naturally; and much more! Includes brain stimulation CD.

Notes about the author(s):

Mark Grant, MA, is a psychologist in Sydney, Australia, with over 20 years' experience in treating people with chronic physical and emotional pain. He has conducted research on the efficacy of EMDR as a treatment for chronic pain. He is the author of numerous other articles and papers regarding this approach. He is past president of the EMDR Association of Australia. He maintains a private practice.

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