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A Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment Program for Overcoming Alcohol Problems: Workbook

Author(s) : Elizabeth E. Epstein, Author(s) : Barbara S. McCrady

A Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment Program for Overcoming Alcohol Problems: Workbook
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It is well-known that alcohol abuse can have a devastating effect on a persons entire life, from work to social life to family relationships. However, men and women experience substance abuse problems in different ways. Most of the literature currently on the market does not make this distinction, and treats mens and womens problems as identical. This treatment program acknowledges the differences between the two, and presents gender-specific options for each step of the treatment. Publication of this manual represents an important new step in understanding and treating alcohol abuse. Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been proven to be an extremely effective method of treatment for alcohol abuse. This treatment program uses new research by the authors that include a female-specific study as well as generalised treatment for individuals. Gender-specific topics addressed include assertiveness training, coping with other drinkers in ones social network, recognising anxiety or depression as triggers for alcohol abuse, and anger management.Designed to be used in conjunction with this therapy program, this Workbook contains monitoring forms and homework that will reinforce the skills learned in therapy.

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