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The Consulting Process as Drama: Learning from King Lear

Author(s) : Erik De Haan

The Consulting Process as Drama: Learning from King Lear
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Drawing comparisons between consultancy and the classical tragedy King Lear, the author explores the core theme of responsibility. Arguing that King Lear is vital in gaining an understanding of consulting, leadership and management, the author explores in detail the positive lessons to be learnt from this tragedy for the manager and the management consultant. An intriguing premise that uncovers key strategies for managers.

'This book gives a summary of key issue in management consulting, in a step-by-step chronological way. However, it is directed mainly at those consultants who know from experience that consulting does not work as smoothly as the manuals suggest, and who have learned through trials and tribulations to take a tragic outlook on the art of consulting.'
- From the Prologue

Reviews and Endorsements:

'I have never read such an elegantly literate exposition of the nuances of the consulting process. Dr. De Haan presents a robust model of the issues and choices that arise for the consultant, and brilliantly interweaves well-chosen passages from King Lear to exemplify the model. Not only is this a book to delight the philosophically inclined among us, but it also beautifully illustrates De Haan's down-to-earth approach to consulting. After forth years of consulting practice, I found insights into consultant-client relationships that had previously escaped me. De Haan's approach is highly practical; if we were to follow more closely, we and our clients would both profit thereby.'
- Roger Harrison, Organisation Development Consultant and Writer, from the Foreword

Notes about the author(s):

Erik de Haan is a Senior Consultant at Ashridge Consulting at Ashridge Management School. He was previously a consultant in The Netherlands and researcher at the University of Utrecht. The Dutch edition of his book Learning with Colleagues has been a bestseller in The Netherlands and he has also written a book on the importance of Shakespeare's King Lear for managers.

Customer Reviews

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Julie Savage on 03/03/2004

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This book enabled me to break through my writers block and "speak the truth" in my report to an organisation with which Id been working. It was as if De Haan had oberved the consultancy from the beginning. And because of his influence and the way the report has now been written, it remains open.

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