The Future of Psychoanalysis


Today in the Babelisation and disorder of the psychoanalytic movement, the Lacanian theory constitutes the open reformulation of the psychoanalytic theory invented by Freud. It is a reformulation which takes into account the transformation of scientific epistemology and progress of mathematics.

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Forging a link between arts therapies and mentalization-based treatment

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When clients work with nonverbal means such as art, movement or music in a way that focuses specifically on affect regulation and mentalization, it gives them an opportunity to grow mentally. 

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 Sexuality, Ethics, Psychoanalysis

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Many deny that perversions exist.  Even despite the fact that today’s dominant psychiatry has re-baptized them as paraphilias — a name change attributable to political correctness, since calling someone a “pervert” today is an insult. In Greek, paraphilia means “wrong love”. It’s better to insult a pervert in Ancient Greek than in Modern English.


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Take a Chance, Read a Novel


The Hands of Gravity and Chance is about the interior life of the members of a family, as well as the interior life of the family itself.  While this is the arena in which I work as an analyst, there is an enormous difference between treating an individual in analysis and creating a character in a novel.  In the latter, anything is possible and everything is the creation of the author. So, a good deal of the work involved in my writing this novel was the task of using this extraordinary freedom that is available to a novelist while at the same time making the extraordinary plausible, in the sense that it rings true to the reader’s emotional experience. As John McGahern put it, “The novel has a responsibility to be plausible, life doesn’t.”

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The Therapist as Therapon: A Healing Sancho Panzo

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The success of Cervantes’ classic novel Don Quixote - reputed to be the second bestselling book after the Bible - is no doubt due in large part to the author’s remarkable skill in telling a story, as he puts it, "to fight melancholia". Indeed, the original idea for the eponymous hero first appeared to Cervantes while he was himself imprisoned in Sevilla, on a false accusation - a melancholy experience that triggered memories of a previous traumatic incarceration, when twenty years earlier he had been captured by Barbary pirates (as a soldier fighting against the Ottoman empire) and spent five years as a slave in Algiers.

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Psychoanalysis is a psychic pilgrimage that reveals the depths of our loves and our depravities


I thought long and hard about what to write for Karnacology regarding my book, Clinical Dicta and Contra Dicta and kept struggling how to introduce a book that, even though I wrote still do not fully know how to describe it.  So I thought I would write a clinical vignette that may offer the reader a glimpse into the clinical vignettes in the book.

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Perversion serves a Purpose

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Helene, an intelligent hardworking woman in her mid forties, mother of three, twice divorced, seeks treatment. She considers herself ‘unable to grow up’. Notwithstanding her low self-esteem, she mostly behaves quasi self-assured. She can flare up in unreasonable rages. Helene has had many boyfriends, some of them aggressive or even criminal types. Recently she met an intelligent and decent man with an excellent job. It so happens that Robert also seeks therapy. They both come once a week separately.

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