How dramatherapy can help improve self-image and self-esteem

Working with overweight and obese women in dramatherapy groups was the theme of my PhD research. Initially, I had considered tackling the problem of eating disorders, but being too broad a subject area I narrowed it down to overweight and obese women. I gave it no more thought until my supervisor asked me why, on a personal level, I had chosen this subject. My immediate answer had been that I have always considered myself slightly overweight. However, this did not seem to be a good enough reason. Then, it occurred to me. My English grandmother, Granny Molly! She had been overweight and had died in her early sixties from a heart attack, possibly as a result of being overweight. My granny Molly was ‘larger than life’, boisterous, outrageous and bustling with life, and was always pressing the most delicious food on everyone. And, of course, I loved her, and her food, dearly.

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How images and symbols can create profound and illuminating insights


“I’ve been to see lots of therapists in the past and none of them have ever helped me.”  This was the opening statement of my new client Melissa, a successful accountant in her late forties who came to visit my practice one afternoon.

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Forging a link between arts therapies and mentalization-based treatment

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When clients work with nonverbal means such as art, movement or music in a way that focuses specifically on affect regulation and mentalization, it gives them an opportunity to grow mentally. 

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