Suicide Examined, by Antonia Murphy

Posted on Mar 07, 2017

Out of this World


A friend asked me recently, apropos of my book,  “How long has this been in the making ?” I answered, “30 years fermenting and 18 months thereabouts actually writing it!” In truth this work has been a long time in coming to fruition, drawn as it is from life experience, years of clinical work, and training other clinicians working with suicidality. Now felt like the right time to write.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The therapeutic community is trying hard to ignore two elephants sitting in its midst. Their presence is discomforting. In more considered moments we know they are there, but, broadly speaking, many of us hope they will go away.

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The Eve of Destruction: Germanwings flight 4U 9525 and Pilot Suicide


A popular but dated image of pilots probably derives from war movies showing scenes in which they wrestle with the controls of a damaged aircraft to avoid catastrophe. Modern aviation is far removed from what are now outdated Hollywood depictions of pilots.  Wrestling at the controls to save the aircraft is hardly in a day’s work.  Planes now fly via computers following the calm and well-rehearsed inputs from pilots.  The recent Germanwings pilot suicide crash, however, highlights that there are a rare few pilots who do not wrestle with the flight controls to save their aircraft, but they may wrestle with very powerful and destructive forces within their minds.

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Parents are increasingly turning to private practitioners for therapy for their children

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Therapeutic work with children, young people and their families in private practice can be complex and challenging while differing significantly from therapeutic work in other contexts, such as education or CAMHS.

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