The Significance of Attachment for the Practice of Psychotherapy

I am sure we have all experienced clients who arrive early for therapy and who find it difficult to leave at the end of sessions, who seek out contact between appointments, and who become dysregulated by the therapist’s breaks. They may often be angry at what they perceive to be other people’s unfair treatment of them, or present themselves as helpless to influence their own situations. Such clients are the focus of this new short book.

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The Connection between Freud and contemporary Attachment Theory


My book, On Attachment: The View from Developmental Psychology, makes links between research, formulation, and assessment and concerns the attachment processes between adults. These processes can be identified and worked within any kind of individual therapy.

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The Importance of differentiating between ‘Learned Security’ and ‘Earned Security’


After almost three decades working as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I decided two years ago to plan my retirement from private practice.  I found that as I started to mull over the idea of an end to an important era of my life, my mind started to focus on what aspects of my thousands of hours of engaging in therapy have brought the most satisfaction, and constituted the achievements of which I am particularly proud.

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Divided by education, by design, by normalised duplicity, should the UK be surprised to find itself in deep trouble?


The shocking events, misinformation, betrayals, and back-stabbings of the last month suggest what a thoroughly divided nation we are. We are split along class and education lines in a way Continental Europeans can’t really appreciate. Those I have spoken to recently about Brexit – Dutch, Danish, French and Germans – are both shocked that we sacrificed our position in Europe and outraged by the resignations of the three main players and the ‘business-as-normal’ attitude in our public life.

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Trauma and Attachment

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Paradigms in Psychoanalysis

At nearly 80, I thought it could be useful to share with readers my experience of nearly fifty years in the field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  In addition to my clinical work, four basic experiences converge in this book.

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How early traumatic experiences, and our primitive responses to them, become embedded in our personalities

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We live in fascinating times, where recent advances in trauma theory, attachment theory, relational psychoanalysis, and infant research not only allow us, but require us, to revisit and reconsider the fundamental tenets of our theory and practice.

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